Wondering how to get work in Australia?

12 August 2022
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Our specialised digital literacy course is for you!

Learners will focus on improving their understanding of English language specifically focusing on digital literacy to assist their job seeking process.

Learners will further develop their employability skills and enhance their confidence and ability to:

  • attend solo, group and telephone interviews
  • send emails
  • browse job related websites
  • learn to take online tests
  • upload assignments to Moddle and Google drive
  • use social media to their advantage
  • submit and receive payslips electronically, and
  • create and link their ‘My Gov’ account to medicare, tax office and centrelink for childcare access and other reporting.

Pathways include paid employment and volunteering to gain employment, as well as further study of Certificates at TAFE.

Click here to register your interest.

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