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Pascoe Vale Food COLLECTIVE

Low waste, Bulk buying for residents of Pascoe Vale and surrounding suburbs

A Community-run Food Collective run by Volunteers who source grocery and cleaning products in bulk and provides these items for distribution to members and visitors on a monthly distribution day. A variety of membership options are available.

Open on the second Saturday of the month, every month from 9:30 until 11:30

Located at the Pascoe Vale Senior Citizens Centre - James Reserve -  20 Norton St, Pascoe Vale

We encourage the community to bring their own containers for filling – but always have clean jars and paper bags on hand to make the process easy!

For an up-to-date price list contact us via our Facebook page or at

More Information HERE

Located at the Pascoe Vale Senior Citizens Centre, which is located in James Reserve at 20 Norton St, Pascoe Vale.

Walk through the park from the corner of Prospect and Archibald Streets, or head for the corner of Norton and Camdon Streets and you will see the hall.

We have a variety of membership options – including casual visits, and annual memberships.

We could not operate without the support of volunteers – so please get in touch if you would like to help on one of our distribution

Instagram – Pascoevale Food Collective

Facebook – Pascoevale Food Collective

The Pascoe Vale Food Collective is auspiced by Sussex Neighbourhood House.

This Project is supported and funded by the Merri-bek City Council Community Grants Program and the Inner North Community Foundation.

June 2024 Price List

Pascoe Vale Repair Cafe

Pascoe Vale Repair Cafe

Reduce your waste by repairing rather than replacing!

Pascoe Vale Repair Café will run out of Sussex Neighbourhood House on the first Sunday of each month, 10am to 1pm.
There will be a variety of menders available. We will endeavour to let you know what menders will be available on these days.

General mending such as clothing and textiles, electrical, knife sharpening, bikes, toys, and locksmith repairs will be available.

Check the What's on page on our website or our Sussex Facebook events to learn more.

Merri-bek toy library

Engage curious minds

Quality toys are expensive and children quickly become bored with a toy once its play value has been exhausted.

Toy libraries are a place for you to regularly borrow toys, puzzles and games in your local community. Save money and the environment while adding to your kids' development and education! 

Branches in Merri-bek: 

  • Pascoe Vale Neighbourhood Facility
    7 Prospect St, Pascoe Vale
    Mondays 10am to 12pm
    Saturdays 9:30am to 12pm
  • Brunswick West Scout Hall
    14a Jolley Street, Brunswick West
    Fridays 9:30am to 11:30am
    Saturdays 9:30am to 12pm

Learn more

Information on borrowing and membership

Merri Community Shed

A place for everyone to come together and make, fix and create while supporting each other.

Community Sheds play an important role in the prevention of social isolation and the promotion of positive health and wellbeing, as well as enabling people to positively (re)connect with their community.

Learn more about the shed

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Dare Drama pink on black logo triangle


Laugh & Grow. Come be a triangle with us!

DARE Drama's weekly acting classes combine mindfulness and improvisation to build resilience in students by equipping them with the tools and strategies to be happier, kinder, more active participants in life. Classes available for all ages.

The theatre skills taught every week are not just for performances, but for life. Out There. Every day. 


Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch aims to help people feel safer & more connected where they live.

Neighbourhood Watch educates people on ways to protect themselves from crime, get to know their neighbours & feel part of their community. They have local groups throughout Victoria & work closely with Victoria Police.


Australian Government Be Connected Initiative to get every Australian online, Sussex Neighbourhood House network partner

Be Connected - every australian online

Be Connected is an Australian government initiative committed to building the confidence, digital skills and online safety of older Australians. Whether you want to pick up new skills or dive into a new topic, you can access free learning resources online or join Sussex for free computer classes or one-on-one tutoring.

Call us on 9354 2210 to book a time. 

Learn more

The Chatty Cafe scheme coffee cup in black and yellow circle

The Chatty Café Scheme

We believe having a chat can brighten your day!

The aim of Chatty Café Australia is to help connect communities and increase social interactions by getting people chatting - everyone is welcome! Look for the yellow table in the hub and let The Art of Conversation cards get you started.

Every Friday
10am - 12pm

Learn more

Project pair up

Project Pair Up collects mismatching containers, lids, and Tupperware accessories from the community and endeavours to match them up.

Every Sunday morning at Alphington Farmers Market in Melbourne, Amelia sets up the Project Pair Up table next to where visitors return their reusable plates and cups. The Project Pair Up table features a bucket to donate your lids and containers that have lost it’s other half, and a bucket of free to take home reassembled containers.

If you have any mismatched Tupperware, bring it into Sussex to leave in the Project Pair Up box at reception. 
Also collecting reusable shopping bags. 

Learn more


Transforming lives and our planet!

Recycle4Change (R4C) is a social enterprise championing change, sustainability, and positive transformation. Supporters of the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), R4C provides employment and support to individuals affected by the justice system. 

At the SNH entrance, you can find 2 yellow R4C bins where you can deposit eligible containers for the CDS, where half of the 10c refund for each eligible container goes to R4C, and the other half goes to SNH. 

Learn more

Container Deposit Scheme

Get ready to make a change!

The CDS hopes to divert 80% of all material away from landfill by 2030. To reach this milestone, Victorians are encouraged to collect eligible drink containers, find their nearest refund point, and earn or donate their refund. 

SNH is registered as a donation point through the CDS. Search for us by name, scan our barcode above, or enter our code C2000009066

Find your nearest refund point

MIND Australia

Mind Australia supports people experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns, and assists them in finding help, hope, and purpose in their lives by providing tailored and individualised support. 

If you’re not sure, reach out with any questions or concerns.
1300 286 463

Learn more

Jesuit social services & the ecological justice hub

Building a just society.

Jesuit Social Services stands in solidarity with those in need, promoting healthy relationships between the interconnected ecosystem of people, place and planet which, when damaged, lead to disadvantage, poverty, inequality, prejudice and exclusion. 

We partner with the Jesuit Social Society and their Ecological Justice Hub in Brunswick to deliver lids collected through the Lids4Kids initiative. JSS have the technology at the Hub to melt down the lids and repurpose them into practical products which then go back to the community, saving landfill from thousands of bottle lids that commercial recycling plants cannot recycle. This is a process that involves all members of the community, from local lid collectors to sorting volunteers to ecological advocates.

SNH houses a small portion of the Hub's recycled products, where all proceeds go back to the Jesuit Social Services so they can continue their sustainability programs and expand their recycling capabilities.  

Read about Jesuit Social Services

Learn more about the Ecological Justice Hub & their programs

LIDS4KIDS Australia

Empowering communities, one lid at a time. 

Any piece of plastic smaller than a credit card can't be recycled and has to go to landfill. Passionate local, Tim Miller, has championed an initiative to combat this. The grass-roots volunteer project, Lids4Kids is committed to rescuing plastic bottle lids from going to landfill to protect our environment and benefit kids through community projects. 

Drop off your washed collection of lids at our reception! We drop them off to the Ecological Justice Hub so that the Jesuit Social Services can use their fantastic machinery to repurpose the plastic. 

Read more about Lids4Kids

See eligible lids here

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