Let’s Animate: Intro to Animation & 3D Modelling

9 October 2022
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Learn how to use 3D animation software to create your own computer generated graphics in our new 1-day course.

Saturday 29 October, 12PM

Create story-boards and concept art in the pre-production phase, finished image renders and short animation sequences in the principal photography/production phase, and follow up with edited/composited images/videos in the post-production phase.

  • Learn to use the 3D animation platform ‘Blender’ to model computer generated graphics for short animated films and videos.
  • Experiment with different techniques to take full advantage of animation software.
  • Prepare for courses such as Cert IV in Screen and Media, or Diploma in Animation, Games and Interactivity.
  • Gain an understanding of the creative process from pre-production through to a finished product.


  • Storyboards
  • Colour grading
  • Modelling 3D figures
  • Bringing characters to life
  • Texturing digital spaces
  • Exporting to industry-grade file formats
  • Shot Lists
  • Moodboards
  • Thumbnail Sketches
  • 2D/3D Speed Experiments
  • 4-5 Pages of Folio Work
  • Concept Art
  • Proof of Concept
  • Timeline
  • Folio Document
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