Ellie’s story

The blue reminds me of the sky and the water,
the white reminds me of the clouds and the foam.
It feels sort of soft.
It reminds me of my dad because my dad’s favourite colour is blue!
The clouds look soft and the sky looks smooth.

OUR responSE

soft and safe – family, security, dreams – clouds, nature, dad, soft – sky, smooth

Joy’s story

connected to each other


joined together – fuzzy and warm – connection, warm, cosy, welcoming, encircling

annika’S STORY

My crochet, The hook I used (illustrations)

Water, foam and peace. The colours I see are: pale white, ocean blue and shiny silver. It feels soft. The sky in my neighbourhood is ocean blue, the clouds in the sky that is ocean blue and pale white. The water I drink is sort of a shiny silver.

I feel proud about my crochet! I’m happy.


pride – shining, oceans and clouds, peaceful – shiny, blue

Leigh’s story

Zenna lurking in the
front garden waiting to
connect me to my neighbours

I connect with my neighbour through
my front garden – the whole neighbourhood
passing by my house – pushing a pram, catching
the bus to school, seniors walking to the shops,
neighbours waving from their cars as they stop
at the corner.

My beagle dog (Zenna) lurking in the garden was my
point of contact to so many different
I would otherwise not get to know – the
man with the tattoos who walks his 3
Ridgebacks every evening…


garden, dog, neighbour – the roots that ground us – garden invites neighbours to connect – garden connection, whole neighbourhood passes my house

Ruth’s story

Neighbours come and go. “Wave” hello, say g’day.

Neighbours watch us grow. “How are you today?”

Some are lifelong friends, we link in different ways; we hook; we clump together… stuck together!

Some days, weeks, maybe even months our paths don’t cross… but when they do once again our neighbours fill the gaps, the spare minute to catch up… bumps… into each other in another place, maybe far from home, but still always the neighbourly bond.

The circle, the court, the street, the road.

The shared paths lead to shared memories.

Even when we don’t always get along, as time passes by, we come to realise that these people are our community and we watch out for each other, through the bumps, gaps and clumps – we go full circle and “wave”, the “gesture”, then say “hi” again… with a smile.

our response

overtime grow – wave hello, watch us grow, link, stuck together, bumps, clump together, shared paths – shared memories, shared paths – grow, friends, different paths, circle, wave

Angela’s story

My holding space is a basket.

The colour of a sunset rose when it first opens, the basket can hold bounties from neighbour’s gardens. We share lemons, eggs, mandarians, scraps for the chooks, pumpkins and apples. There is no fence along the driveway and my neighbour’s roses fill the area with colour.

My neighbour doesn’t like the petals falling on the ground, and I love big open full-blown roses. So I cut them and take them inside. So, we share and we visit and we appreciate what the other has grown.

our response

colour, grow – catch me when I fall – give and accept – opens, basket, hold bounties, garden, share, fill/full, appreciate

Suzanne’s story

connection – isolation
friends – enemies
welcome – avoid
ours – mine
local – global
close – far
quiet – loud
play – work
share – waste
smooth – rough
smiles – scowls
hello – silence
difference – same
same – difference

our response

opposites and all – diversity is great. embracing all the parts – I am loved and accepted for who I truly am – in between, either side, both sides, all parts

Cat’s story

Neighbourhood is like a big family.
Friendships, siblings, mother, father, child.
Neighbourhood holds us.
With lots of different colours, shapes and sizes.
Coming together.


shape, family, colour – big family, holds us, different, coming together – gathering together – safe nest to learn to fly from

Karina’s story

Mine inside of my mum’s inside of me. Mine holds my neighbourhood.
When I hold mine I feel warm. I feel happy and glad I made it. Nice warm and happy. My holding space will hang on the window sill or somewhere else.

our response

inside, warm – cozy and warm – warm and happy – snuggled and cosy

Nicolete’s story

The welcoming womb of
community holds me, includes
me and makes me feel safe.

When I feel a part of a
community, I don’t feel alone.


cocooned – holds me, includes me, safe, part of a community, I don’t feel alone – connection, nurtured – community, alone

Kirsty’s Story*

Who are my neighbours who live next to me?
I can only hear them, not talk and see
Who’s got my back?
Who’s back have I got?
Living on a plot of land that people forgot.

Do I look up for a moment to see who is there?
As I walk the street does anyone care?
No really…I have only seen a few
Who’s eyes avert when I come through.

Sure there must be a connection
Amongst the closed doors
It’s hard to come back when feeling ignored
Cats and more cats in a hood of their own
If I were feline would I feel more at home?

Danni’s story

this feels right for how it is for
me now.

very delicate and unformed
but lots of room for spaces to be filled
and made more strong.

I kept trying to make it stronger, to
join loops to other loops but it didn’t
want to get stronger yet… feels like a
slow process…

I had hoped it would hold something
and I guess it does but very it is a
very soft holding…

Our response

gentle strength – strong, stronger, soft – delicate and unformed – room to be filled, didn’t want to get stronger yet, soft holding – ethereal but will gather strength from what is around it

* NB: Kirsty's holding space was formed during the second community gathering and was in the process of being created as we responded to each piece. As we completed our installation we came to realise that both Danni and Kirsty's works held similarities. Keyword / phrase offered in response to Danni were also appropriate for Kristy.

Amanda’s story

Little spaces connected together,
One tucked inside the other,
Many colours
little threads dangle down,
separate yet our lives cross over
they don’t tangle.

our response

blended, yet separate – separate tangle – connected but don’t tangle – connected but not tangled, blended but not caught

Chiara’s story

My street is not often tidy. We have transitional housing units, prison-half-way-houses and housing commission units mixed in with more established homes. People come and go. We get to know each other in different ways, we interact and learn to live with each other. Sometimes there is conflict. Often there is harmony. We all learn in different ways and weave our experiences together intentionally or not.

Another element is the neighbourhood environment itself – that’s the blue-green silk thread. It was there before we arrived and will be there after we have gone. We interact with it in different ways – even when we’re not aware of it.

I have used the cream raw silk to represent myself – all I can really know is my own experience of all these interactions. The people I meet and the environment in which I live helps to shape who I am.

our responses

all shapes, colours and creeds – shapes who I am, mixed in, people come and go, environment, interact, conflict / harmony, different ways – live, prison, home, harmony, shape – the green spaces surround us and join us

Stacey’s story

In my neighbourhood some
households are very contained
and keep to themselves
I only know one neighbour
but I see others around and they see me.
Threads that connect even if distant

Our response

contained, around – keep to themselves, see others, threads connect, even if distant, safe – both inward and outward looking – one world

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