Bringing the Individual Art Works Together. 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

Installation day! Four creatives from our first gathering were able to be present, and we welcomed another. Materials were present for a new creation and adjustments. Then in silence we spent time with each Holding Space & story and responded to them individually (our responses were noted on small pieces of paper, laid alongside).

What we were beginning to know about each piece informed where they might be positioned within the exhibition space. We laid them out on the floor, discussing the relationships between Holding Spaces, their stories and ‘place’ – upfront positions, those that would sit further back, similarities and differences.

Then it was off to Gowrie train station – our exhibition site.

As we installed, the pieces started to find their space within the (former) vendor window. We likened the space to ‘looking into the window or front yard of a house’. We place some of ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, acknowledgements, experiences ‘upfront’ in clear view and others more distant, ‘out-of-view’. This was very informing and became an important part of our decision making.

The collaborative nature of the installation piece meant we were always checking-in with each other. Where pieces would be positioned was arrived at with clear affirmation, when we had ‘the right spot’ we knew. We cleaned, hung, observed, decided on materials – together.

We were unsure of how to include any accompanying ‘words’. Our initial thoughts were to write the words collected from the first gathering on the shelving wall. Up went paper and we tested black ink.

What we did all agree on was that the words were not to ‘take over’ / or over-power the Holding Spaces. We liked the idea of words written in paint pen on the window. Running out of time we decided the best thing to do would be to focus on installing all the works. Worry about the words later!

As a few remained to close-up, we stood back to look and realised that the Holding Spaces needed to be surrounded by ‘our response words’ offered to each piece, earlier today. We liked the idea of the words floating and surrounding. The possibility of clear contact film and paint pen was discussed.

We headed for home.

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