A course designed to build confidence in adult job seekers.  Adult learners are often of the opinion that they are unable to do a particular thing.  This course provides a positive learning experience where participants are encouraged to try creative activities as individuals and groups to prove that their barriers are predominantly internal ones.  Creativity is a major component in primary school learning as a way of creating resilient students who can think outside the box.  Demonstrable creativity and problem solving abilities are also sought after by many employers. 

We want to prove to our participants that they are capable of much more than they might think.  This confidence and belief in their ability to gain new skills or release ones they didn’t know they have will be carried through into other important areas of their lives.  Confidence to take with them when in interviews, confidence in skills they possess to be able to share that information more effectively with job network agencies or employment agencies. 

The course will cover, Everyone’s an artist, Everyone can write a poem or story, Everyone can problem solve in a team, Everyone can Crochet, Everyone can have a self care routine. 



To further study at TAFE, CV & Interview skills workshops at Kangan TAFE. Employment or interviews offered by employers; Volunteering in the community for work experience to gain employment; Participants can enrol in other courses at Sussex Neighbourhood House, such as computers, or social groups to continue to build on participants’ confidence skills.


Intermediate English Language Skills


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