A course is designed to build confidence in adult job seekers around how to interact in and work well in group settings.  This course is aimed at people who might have anxiety around group settings.  Suitable for participants who are on the autism spectrum, living with anxiety, or those who have intermediate English skills but need to work on cultural norms within group settings. 

The course will cover:

  • Confidence building in participating within groups;
  • Discussion of different groups that exist in work places;
  • How to contribute well in a meeting at work (job retention skills);
  • How to contribute in groups in a student setting (TAFE);
  • Cultural norms when working in groups in Australian workplaces; and
  • How to contribute in groups in a group interview setting.



Intermediate English Language Skills




To further study at TAFE, CV and Interview skills workshops at Kangan TAFE. Employment or interviews offered by employers, volunteering in the community for work experience to gain employment; Participants can enrol in other courses at Sussex Neighbourhood House, such as computers, or social groups to continue to build on participants confidence skills


Day and time

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