About Computers and Internet for Beginners

This course is designed for computer illiterate learners to start to using computers.  Specifically focused for learners with low levels of self confidence with computers.  The course will be in 2 parts (across 2 terms or 16 weeks total).

Term 3 Topics: 

Introduction to computer; file management; MS Word, text, fonts, allginment, spacing, saving, inserting tables & pictures, inserting a cover page, new pages, clip art, page numbers, headers & footers. 

Term 4 Topics:

Introduction to computer; Google Searching; creating an email account; composing email, rely, forward, cc, bcc, attaching pictures; search information in google, google images & maps.  


Basic English skills

No assumed computer skills




Due to Covid19 this course has been temporarily suspended for TErm 3

Day and time




Dates Term 3:


Dates Term 4: