adding words

A little space to reflect is a good thing. Even though we had hoped to have completed the installation on Saturday, it was best not to rush. After checking-in with three other members of the collective on Monday – the benefit of neighbourly environments as our paths crossed during the day –  it was decided that we try the clear film and paint pen / or coloured permanent markers direction.

Armed with materials a couple of us head to the station, to the site, to see what would happen. After a brief battle with the clear film we had it mastered.

We look at all ‘our response’ words and reduce them to essence. We noticed the positions of the Holding Spaces and were guided by them. How do the words sit near or surround them – in a straight line, centered, staggered..?

We received very positive words from commuters as they entered or left the station – which was very encouraging.

As the sun set we left our exhibit with only one thing left to do – lighting.


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